22 February 2023

Sham marriage appeal victory
We took over conduct of our client's appeal against refusal of his marriage application under the EU settelment Scheme from another firm of solicitors. The client had been refused previously and had his appeal dismissed by a judge on the grounds that the relationship was a sham. Alleged discrepancies in the couple's interview had been relied on for the sham marriage decision. We noted that the interview transcript provided by the Home Office was not only inaccurate but wholly unrealiable and very wrongly gave the impression that the information provided by the couplew as not consistent. We commissioned a new transcript and relied on that to overturn the previous judge's decision. Judge's can only depart from final earlier decisions if there are good and compelling grounds for this.  Thankfully, the Tribunal was persuaded to depart from the earlier decision and the couple are now able to move on with their lives.