28 June 2016

At present there is no way of knowing what impact the Brexit vote will have on EU nationals living in the UK. For now the UK remains a member of the EU and will remain so until such time as an exclusion is negotiated.

Until then EU nationals resident in the UK may wish to apply for registration cards which may assist in securing rights in the future. If you are an EU national you may be able to apply to for either a registration card or a permanent residence card. Once you have secured permanent residence then you cannot be asked to leave the UK.

If you have exercised treaty rights (eg worked or studied or generally have been self-sufficient) for more than 5 years you could apply for a permanent residence card provided you can prove this with payslips, bank statements, HMRC records, Employers records etc. If you have exercised treaty rights for less than 5 years you can apply for a registration card.

If you have completed a period of 5 years exercising treaty rights more than 12 months ago then you may be eligible to apply for naturalisation as British Citizen immediately after obtaining a permanent residence card, subject to you meeting the other requirements for naturalisation.

Our costs for dealing with EU applications per person are as follows:

  • Registration card application £500 plus VAT (£600 total)
  • Permanent residence card application £750 plus VAT (£900 total)
  • Citizenship application £500 plus VAT (£600 total)

Home Office fees per person as of 28.6.16 are as follows:

  • Residence card application £65
  • Permanent residence card application £65
  • Citizenship application £1,236