We offer a range of different levels of service to suit all budgets. If you are unsure what may suit you then we suggest that you either drop in to one of our free clinics for a preliminary chat, available Monday to Thursday at 9-11 am or arrange a no obligation fixed fee consultation for £80 (up to 40 minutes). The clinic is intended for answering any preliminary questions you may have about your status or any applications that you may be looking to make. At a fixed fee consultation we will discuss your case in detail with you and advise on the merits of your case both during the meeting and in writing thereafter. You can then decide whether you would benefit from any of our other services.

Details of our fees and the range of services that we offer are given below. We strongly urge you to compare our fees with those of our competitors. You will surprised just how much you can save! Not only are our rates very competitive but all our lawyers are qualified and experienced solicitors who have a reputation for excellence. Your lawyer will retain responsibility for your case from start to finish and you will not be left to deal with a junior paralegal which is what many firms offer.

  • Free Drop in Clinic – Monday to Thursday 9-11am. No prior appointments required. We will discuss your case with you and provide you with necessary guidance and assistance (up to 15 minutes). You can use the drop-in clinic as a preliminary meeting prior to booking a paid appointment. You will be seen on a first come first serve basis.
  • Fixed Fee Consultation £80 inclusive of vat (up to 40 minutes). We will discuss your case in detail with you, advise on merits, the next steps that you should take and the supporting evidence you will require. We will also confirm the advice in writing and provide you with a clear and accurate estimate regarding future costs. This is a one off consultation and does not cover any further work beyond the consultation and the letter of advice.
  • Emergency Consultation £120 inclusive of vat. This will be appropriate where you need a same day or a next day meeting. The level of service will otherwise be the same as above.
  • Checking Service £250 +vat (£300) (up to 90 minutes). If you already know, what application you need to make but want the peace of mind of having your application checked over by an expert before submission, then this service is suitable for you. We are able to offer this checking service for most in-country applications, using the EEA forms, FLR forms, SET forms (excluding PBS cases) or applications for British citizenship. As part of this service we will review the paper application or online application form that you have completed (you must have completed the form already), answer any queries you have regarding the form, review your supporting evidence, advise regarding any additional evidence needed, advise you on the merits of the application and send you a letter of advice. It is very important that you come prepared to fully benefit from this service. No further work will be undertaken after the meeting unless you wish to upgrade to our Full Application Service, details of which are given below. If you upgrade then we will deduct these costs from the cost of the Full service. A prior fixed fee consultation is not necessary before utilising this service. You can book directly for this service or use it after you have had a fixed fee consultation.
  • Full Application Service As part of this service we will fully prepare your case and submit that to the Home Office or British Embassy. We will complete the application form, check your evidence, advise on any additional evidence needed, prepare and submit detailed representations in support of the application and deal with any follow up correspondence from the Home Office until your application is concluded. Our fees for various types of applications and appeals are given in the tables below.

Table of Fees


Entry clearance as a spouse/unmarried partner/fiancé/(cases involving non-complex finances) £800
Complex finance cases  (self employed, directors and reliance on investment savings) £900-£1,500
Extension of leave as partner 5 year route (non-complex finances) £800
Extension of leave as a partner 5 year route (complex finances as above) £900-£1,500
Extension 10 year route £800-£1500
Entry clearance as a parent of a British or settled child £1000-1500
Extension of leave as a parent with custody 5 year route £800
Extension of leave as parent with contact only 5 year route £900
Extension of leave as a parent with contact - 10 year route £900 -£1500
Child 7 year rule / young adult under 25 who has spent half life in the UK (private life) £1000-£1500
Adult dependent relative (entry clearance or in-country) £1,500-£2000
Child entry clearance (sole responsibility) £1000-£1,500

EEA Applications

Entry Clearance (family permit) for spouse/ civil partner/child of an EEA national - EUSS  £650
Entry clearance (family permit) for other family members ie parent / child over 21 - EUSS  £750
Entry clearance (family permit) for extended family member - unmarried partner or other relative - EUSS  £900
In Country  
EUSS - Pre Settled status for EU national / Settled Status £350 / £450
EUSS Pre Settled Status for spouse/child / Settled Status £350 / £450
EUSS Pre Settled Status for unmarried partner £450 / £450
EUSS other applications - retained rights/ derivative rights/ surinder singh etc £750- £1250


Registration of a child born in UK and based on 10 years residence or based on a parent securing settlement. £600
Registration of child not born in UK and not having a settled parent £900-£1,250
Registration of child born overseas to a British parent section 3(2) or 3(5) £800
Certificate of entitlement application £750-£1500
Adult Naturalisation - meet all requirements £600
Cases involving issues regarding character or residence requirements £800-£1500


10 year long residence based on leave under the rules throughout £800
10 Year long residence where part of residence has been under EEA law £900
20 Year Long residence applications - initial application / further extension applications  £1250 / £800
UK ancestry £800
PBS settlement applications £800-£1,000
Spouse settlement - non complex finances £800
Spouse Settlement complex finances as above £900-£1,500


General visit visa/Family visit visa                                                                                           £800 - £1250


Lodging an initial appeal From £300-£500
Full representation at appeal From £1,250 + Barrister fees
Preparing Administrative Review from £500


Sponsor Licence Applications £2000-£2500
Skilled Worker  £800 - £1000
Applying for a biometric card £250-£500
Applying for a refugee travel document £250
Refugee family reunion application £500 - £750
UK ancestry entry clearance application £900
Upload documents to UKVI website £60

*All fees are subject to VAT where applicable
*Additional fee of £60-£100 where some or all of the supporting documents are to be provided electronically

*Fees may vary according to the complexity and urgency of your case

*Extra applicants: Dependant(s) who can be added on the same form £150 each; Dependant(s) requiring separate form(s) 50% of normal fee applicable

*fees may vary according to the complexity of your case. Factors which will affect costs include;- the time required to complete your case, whether you meet the requirements of the rules, whether legal arguments regarding any particular issue needs to be made or whether particular research is necessary, volume of documentation, whether expert evidence, medical reports or social worker reports etc need to be obtained, the urgency with which work needs to be carried out etc.

In terms of the cost information given for appeals this assumes that just one witness statement will be required, no medical or expert evidence will be required and that the case does not raise any complicated issues.

All applications and cases will be different and the information given above regarding costs is based on our experience of dealing with typical cases on a day to day basis. Our sincere aim is to adhere to the typical price information given above. We will of course confirm the likely cost of dealing with your application following the initial consultation when we will have obtained information about your case. Where very occasionally it is necessary to adjust the costs of your case afterwards then we will advise you of this at the earliest possible opportunity with information as to why an adjustment is necessary and warranted.

Our fees do not include any Home Office, Tribunal appeal fees or the cost of obtaining supporting evidence such as medical / expert / social worker reports etc or translation fees. Information regarding those possible costs will be given as and when appropriate.

We have for some time given comprehensive details of our costs on our website, although, the SRA has only made this information compulsory from December 2018.

Not only are our rates highly competitive but all our lawyers are qualified and experienced solicitors who have a reputation for excellence. Your lawyer will retain responsibility for your case from start to finish and you will not be left to deal with a junior paralegal.

Please feel free to compare our prices and the experience of our lawyers with those of other practices. Legal Rights Partnership is the leading specialist immigration practice in the area.