Immigration and Asylum Solicitors in Reading & Aylesbury

Over the last two decades successive governments have bought in a huge mass of new laws, rules, extra-statutory concessions and guides to address the needs of our changing society and population. Immigration policies have often changed with the direction of the prevailing political wind. Today immigration law is one of the most complex and convoluted areas of law demanding expert guidance. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through this maze of immigration laws by providing clear, accurate and practical advice and solutions.

Expert advice and practical solutions

Our highly specialised team of leading immigration solicitors offer an expert service to those who need advice on any aspect of immigration, nationality, human rights and asylum law.

Contact us for advice on:

  • Asylum claims
  • Human rights claims
  • Deportation appeals
  • Spouse and Partner applications
  • Dependant relative applications
  • Discretionary / compassionate grounds applications
  • Skilled worker applications
  • Sponsor’s licence applications
  • Sponsorship licence compliance
  • Nationality - Naturalisation / Registration
  • Entry Clearance visa applications
  • EU settlement scheme applications
  • Family reunion
  • Business visitors
  • Long residence applications
  • Appeals / Judicial Reviews
  • Family visit visa applications